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Cotton is a light and resistant fabric derived from the seed of the cotton plant, from which a high variety of products can be obtained. After linen and wool, cotton is the most ancient textile, the most widespread all over the world, highly versatile, it absorbs every colour perfectly. A cosy, natural and breathable fabric, perfect to keep you cool in the hot weather.

Hand or machine washing at 40° (washing above 60° is not recommended for both the lasting of colours and the quality of the fabric itself). Stains can be treated with a stain remover before washing. Let the remover rest without rubbing, then wash. With dark garments, test the remover on a small hidden part of fabric. The most delicate products in cotton (gauzes or voiles) can be put in the washing machine inside a washing bag, to avoid fading and damages. The garments can be hung to dry or be put in a tumble dryer. Hanging your garments leaves them dry initially, especially during summer, but it keeps the fibre safe. Tumble dryers makes the garments softer, but on the long run it makes the fibres weak. We recommend a short dry cycle at low temperature. Iron at high temperature.

We recommend to choose the right detergent according to the colour of your garments. Do not use softener.

This garment has been made using special dying and finishing processes, which confer the item an exclusive "used" look: this, along with potential irregularities related to the dying are distintive traits of the product and should not be considered faults at all.

Product care
Washing instructions for Society Limonta fabrics


WASHINGSCold water.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry at low temperatures.
Iron medium heat 150°C.
 Dry clean with tetrachloroethylene and other solvents for F symbol delicate.