Countless variations for the same fabric

Cotton is the absolute most common fabric for sheets. Society Limonta manufactures its cottons in many different ways, researching innovative stylistic variations, which maintain the original quality and resistance of the fabric, providing new and undiscovered tactile sensations.

Nite sheets utilize and extra-fine cotton fabric, extraordinarily light and soft. A fabric which Italian grandmothers call “egg skin” for its extreme softness and superior resistance. An evergreen in the bed collection by Society Limonta.

Miro is a tubic fabric, which joins two impalpable layers of cotton voile, for a refined double-coloured sheet, with an elegant border on all four sides. A particularly soft sheet, for pampering your skin while adding a sophisticated touch to the bedroom’s textile design.
Traditional extra-fine cotton, which at each season combines itself with delicate jacquard patterns. Available in two versions: tubic and in a single layer for light, impalpable sheets, ideal for the hot summer nights.

Rips presents a tear-proof fabric, just like the ones used for extreme sports. The result is a fresh sheet with a micro checker, tone on tone pattern, almost impalpable, which confers a superior quality to the fabric, making it particularly resistant.

Together with the pure cotton bed collections, cotton combines itself with other materials like cashmere for the soft Kash, or linen for all the printed pillowcases or sheets, each expression of a different textile experimentation.